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At Clean and Green in the finger lakes region of New York, we specialize in soft washing roofs and exteriors for homes and businesses. We help make houses, apartments, offices, stores, restaurants, warehouses and more throughout the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions, including Rochester, Webster, Keuka Lake, Penn Yan, Watkins Glen, Buffalo, Bath, and Hammondsport, sparkling clean without any hassle or surface damage. We are the only trained and certified soft washing company in New York!

The outside of your home or business is just as important as the inside. When you see ugly black stains on your roof or siding, they’re usually signs of algae and bacteria growth and need to be deal with right away. A dirty roof or dirty siding can lower your curb appeal or even scare away potential customers. Over time, these growths can cause cracks to appear in your roof or siding, increase your utility costs and force you to replace your roof or siding. These growths can also penetrate the surface and damage your roof and overall building.
Most property owners might resort to powerwashing the growths away; however, this can damage your roof or exterior and possibly void your warranty. Not only will your home or business look worse, it’ll also be a much bigger hassle to fix.

Our soft washing solutions can thorough clean mold, moss, algae and more off of your siding and roof without creating any damage. Our cleaning solutions are custom mixed with mildewcides, algaecides and surfactants to offer a reliable solution to whatever has contaminated your roof or exterior. Our custom detergent blends activate within minutes of application and last for months, ensuring your roof and exterior are clean for a long time. We use minimal water pressure to clean off surfaces—no more powerful than a garden hose—to clean the surface without damaging roof shingles and siding. We also prepare the surface before soft washing by making any necessary repairs before cleaning and brushing off any surface-level contaminants like moss and lichens for thorough, long-lasting results. Soft washing can save you the hassle of having to replace your roof and siding at a much lower cost.

As the only softwash-certified company in the area, we stand behind the quality of our work, no matter the difficulty of the job. We even offer a 5-year warranty on all roof soft washing services.

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