Power Washing, Softwashing and Roof Cleaning in Skaneateles, NY

When you need outstanding interior or exterior cleaning solutions for your home or business, look to Clean and Green Softwash LLC serving Skaneateles, NY. Since we are the only certified and trained power washing and softwashing company in New York, you can trust that our cleaning solutions create outstanding results. Our services are eco-friendly while still being effective and reliable, making your home or business look brand new!

Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions clear unwanted substances and growths from any surface without leaving a mess behind or damaging the environmental surroundings. Our processes clean deep into each layer, so we remove more than surface-level cleaners. We also use Skyvac to clear debris out of your gutters and Rotovac to clean large areas of your carpet and upholstery in little time.

When you choose our power washing, softwashing, or other cleaning services, you get exceptional, long-lasting results. Ask us about a 5-year warranty on roof cleaning services and our FREE roof cleaning demo.

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What makes our soft washers the best?

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Many cleaning solutions use chemicals and compounds that harm the environment. Our cleaning solutions are bio-degradable, non-hazardous and contain low amounts of VOCs. We pride ourselves in using eco-friendly cleaning solutions because we not only care about getting your home or business clean, but we also care about keeping the Earth clean.

Many cleaning solutions only cover a small area, making the process way too time-consuming. Our soft wash sprayers can cover a much wider area, cutting the time it takes to clean larger surfaces—like patios, siding and roofs—in half.

While power washing is a popular option for exterior cleaning and rinsing, the water pressure is way too strong for more sensitive surfaces like roof shingles, awnings, windows and other parts of your home or business that need to be cleaned. This can create even more problems if you end up having to replace these due to excessive damage from power washing. Softwashing uses less water pressure while still cleaning your surfaces, allowing us to make your home or business sparkling clean without causing any damage or voiding any warranties.

Many other softwashing companies use water/surfactant blends that contain too much or too little of one or the other ingredient, which produces ineffective results. Clean and Green uses tanks and blending modules from SoftWash Systems, allowing us to fine-tune our water/surfactant blend ratio for the specific job for a much more reliable clean.


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Call us today at (855) 567-WASH or fill out the form to the right to see how we can clean the dirt and grime from your home or business!

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